The Best PlayStation 4 Football Games

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When it comes to good football games for PlayStation 4, there isn't a ton of variety. However, we still want to rank the best PS4 football games, with the help of your votes.

One of the newest PlayStation 4 games about tossing the pigskin is Madden NFL 21. Released in late 2020, the newest installment in the Madden NFL series brings next-level player control to a game that is already solid and fun to play. If you never played Mutant Football League, it's a must-play football game for any PS4 owner. Other options include Madden NFL 18 all the way back to Madden NFL 25.

Not every football game on this list is a PS4 original - take Blood Bowl 2 for example, a turn-based strategy football game that came out in 2015. However, all these football games are currently available on the PlayStation Store, regardless of release date. Vote up your favorite football game for PS4, or simply use this list as a recommendation guide if you're looking for more titles to play.

Photo: Madden NFL 21 / Electronic Arts
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