The Most Popular PS4 Games Of 2022

Here are the most popular PlayStation 4 games of 2022, ranked by gamers everywhere! Featuring the latest releases and long-awaited sequels, this list covers every new 2022 game on the PS4, and includes titles like Riders Republic, Death Stranding, and Sifu. In addition, this list covers the best 2022 games of every genre, from the most popular RPG's to the best indie games you probably have never even heard of. What are your favorite new PS4 games of 2022?

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  • 1
    116 votes
    Elden Ring
    Photo: Elden Ring/ FromSoftware

    The dark fantasy game created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, and George R. R. Martin is FromSoftware’s largest and most ambitious game that features an extremely difficult experience that rivals the Dark Souls and Bloodborne series. Elden Ring brings its relentlessly challenging combat to an incredible and large open world that gives players the freedom to choose their own path as they traverse through a setting filled with horrific monsters, soul crushing boss battles, and an incredibly cryptic storyline. 

    • Released: 2022
    • Developer: FromSoftware
    • Genres (Video game): Action, Role-playing game, Fantasy
  • Horizon Forbidden West
    Photo: Guerrilla Games

    Sequel to 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, Forbidden West continues Aloy's story as she ventures out a new dangerous frontier known as the Forbidden West to find the source of a mysterious plague. The game is a triumphant combination of enthralling combat, and a captivating and immserive open world, making the game an exciting sequel that goes beyond the quality of the first game.

    • Released: 2022
    • Developer: Guerrilla Games
    • Genres (Video game): Action, Role-playing, Single player, Open world
  • 3
    32 votes
    Photo: Stray / BlueTwelve Studio

    In a cybernetically enhanced world, players control a stray cat who falls into a world populated by robots, machines, and viruses as he sets out on an adventure to return to his family. This mysterious third-person adventure showcases truly stunning graphics and masterful platforming in a game designed to simultaneously pull on heartstrings, and potentially terrify players.

    • Released: 2022
    • Developer: BlueTwelve Studio
    • Genres (Video game): Adventure, Third-person, Puzzle
  • Gran Turismo 7
    Photo: Polyphony Digital

    The eighth mainline installment in the Gran Turismo series, the game is a modern mix of the original Gran Turismo’s trendsetting format with GT Sport’s stern but very successful focus on competitive online racing. Fetauring gorgeous graphics, a fantastic driving feel, and a vast amount of racing options, it is the best entry in the entire series yet as it immerses players in an outstanding experience.

    • Released: 2022
    • Developer: Polyphony Digital
    • Genres (Video game): Racing, Simulation
  • 5
    43 votes
    Hitman 3
    Photo: IO Interactive

    The eighth main installment in the Hitman series and the third and final entry in the World of Assassination trilogy, players take on the role of Agent 47 for one last action-packed stealth filled adventure. Featuring a variety of lage beautiful levels to explore and incredible world-building, Hitman 3 is an exciting and entertaining conclusion to an assassination filled trilogy.

    • Released: 2021
    • Developer: IO Interactive
    • Genres (Video game): Stealth
  • 6
    37 votes
    Photo: Sloclap

    Inspired by Chinese action cinema, the beat 'em up action-adventure have players takes on the role of a kung fu student who sets out to hunt down and defeat the five assassins who brutally murdered his family. Featuring an unforgiving and unapologetic gameplay, Sifu stands out as a game that not only challenges players, but gives them a sense of satisfaction after mastering the art of kung-fu that is worthy of the movies it was inspired from.

    • Released: 2022
    • Developer: Sloclap
    • Genres (Video game): Beat 'em up, Action, Adventure, Indie