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The Best PS4 Games Under $20

Updated August 6, 2020 2.8k votes 376 voters 9.6k views90 items

If you're an avid gamer but are working with a budget, you've come to the right place! Not everyone can afford to drop $59.99 the day a new title released, but fortunately, there are tons of great PS4 games under $20.

Games for under $20 tend to run the full spectrum of genres, from classic titles like Onimusha: Warlords, a game released on the original PlayStation 2 back in 2001, to newer games like 2018's Worldhunters, which lets players team up with their friends to explore the world while solving puzzles. Of course, you aren't limited by genre with $20 to spend, and can always check out impressive sports games like MLB The Show 18 and R.B.I. Baseball 18, both of which are AAA baseball titles fans love!

There are tons of great titles available for folks looking to save some cash on the PS4. If you want to challenge yourself to some classics of yesteryear, you can nab Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3 or go nuts with Mega Man X Legacy Collection, both of which are available for $19.99!

Vote up your favorite PlayStation 4 games for under $20, and if there’s a great budget game that’s not listed, go ahead and add it below. Also be sure to check out the best free PS4 games, the best PlayStation 4 games under $10, and also the best PS4 games under $30.