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Ranking The Best Brick-For-Brick LEGO Games On The PS4

There's really no denying the fact that the PlayStation has seen its fair share of great LEGO games over the years. From blasting your way through the galaxy with your favorite Star Wars characters to booting up as Batman and the rest of the DC (and Marvel) crew, PS4 LEGO games run the gamut between fun and fanciful. Everyone loves building their own LEGO creations, but the best LEGO games let you take your imagination to the next level.

Based on some of your favorite properties over the last few decades, these LEGO games give you all of the brick-filled action you could ever hope for. Everyone from Darth Vader to Gandalf has gotten the LEGO treatment, and you can go through the plots of your favorite stories while collecting important LEGO pieces to become a real Master Builder. And while some of these games were released on older consoles and then ported over, there are plenty of new LEGO games to satisfy your brick-building desire. 

Are there any LEGO video games that hold a special place in your PS4 inventory? Vote for your favorite LEGO games from the list below so that we can build the best ranking possible.