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The Best PlayStation 4 Party Games

Updated 18 May 2020 6.1k votes 3.0k voters 172.0k views52 items

List RulesPlayStation 4 games that are great for parties.

Nothing livens up a get-together quite like the best PS4 party games, since not all multiplayer games are great for large groups. For a party, you’re better off playing something like Broforce rather than Call of Duty. Wondering which PlayStation 4 party games you should have for your next gathering? You’re in luck, as gamers and party-goers have voted for their favorite PS4 party games below.

The ideal party game must support multiplayer the good old fashioned way—on the couch. Forget about fancy lag-free net code or party chat with mics. No, the best party games on PlayStation 4 have to be able to be played in person with a large group of friends, accompanied with some chips and dip of course. And speaking of large groups, party games also should allow for at least two to four players.

So if the mood of your party seems to be a bit down, start up the top PS4 party games below for a shot of social adrenalin. If you’ve played some of these games before, vote them up or down based on how you liked (or disliked) them. Also be sure to add any PlayStation 4 party games you don’t see listed, as this list should be as comprehensive as possible. If you don’t have a PS4, then check out the best party games for the Xbox One or Wii U instead.

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