The Best PS4 Racing Games

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Fortunately for PlayStation 4 owners, the PS4 boasts a wide array of racing games that come in all shapes and sizes. There great PlayStation 4 car racing games like Dirt Rally and F1 2016 for all the car buffs out there, but not every racing game on PS4 involves cars. Take Trials Fusion for example, a fantastic bike racing game that boasts custom track creation, competitive online multiplayer, and more. People are also saying really good things about Riptide GP: Renegade, a water racing game that harkens back to the days of games like Wave Race and Jet Moto.

What is the best PS4 racing game? We need the help of your votes to answer that question! Vote up your favorite racing games available on PlayStation 4, regardless of whether or not they are exclusive to the console. If you've recently purchased the console and haven't played any of these, use the list a reference to see what PS4 racing games you should buy first.

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