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The Best Remakes And Remasters For The PlayStation 4

Updated May 14, 2021 622 votes 116 voters 7.3k views27 items

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For decades, PlayStation has dominated the console wars with some of the best exclusives on the market. It makes sense, then, that Sony would want to remaster all of their classics from past generations for audiences to play on the PS4. Whether it's a revolutionary platformer, a heart-thumping racer, or a compelling narrative adventure, there's a classic remake or HD remaster out there for everyone.

From popular epic games like The Last of Us and Shadow of the Colossus to newer remakes like MediEvil, this list ranks all the best PlayStation 4 remakes and remasters you can play right now. How do you think these remastered titles stack up against their classic counterparts?

Sometimes they're PS3 remakes for PS4, while other times these games date back to the early PS1 days. Whatever the case, make sure to vote up your absolute favorites and downvote all the remakes you feel didn't live up to the original.