The Best Pumpkin Carvings By The Pumpkin Geek

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Halloween is a holiday for geeks and creeps alike, from Harry Potter to Rob Zombie, the best pop culture narratives are brought to life during the Halloween season. Alex Wer, otherwise known as The Pumpkin Geek, channels his Halloween energy into creating some of the best pumpkin geek carvings out there. These creepy carvings detail a few of the most popular characters from horror, including Norman Bates, The Shape, and Jason Voorhees. The spookiest pumpkins are undoubtedly a great Halloween decoration. 

Wer uses artificial pumpkins so his intricate designs don't rot away by the end of October. If you're interested in ordering from The Pumpkin Geek, you can email him at Photos of Wer's most impressive pumpkin carvings can be found on his Instagram and Facebook