Every Actor Who's Played The Punisher, Ranked

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While some Marvel heroes are considered pillars for decency and democracy, the Punisher takes a different tact. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #129 issue in 1974, the Punisher (Frank Castle) is a skilled vigilante who prefers to turn his abilities toward the darker side of justice. Engaged in a neverending war on crime, the Punisher has become a mainstay in pop culture, with numerous actors taking on the role of the former soldier over the years. This list ranks every Punisher actor, with your votes.

Currently played by Jon Bernthal in the eponymous Netflix series, the Punisher has undergone many different appearances over the last few decades. From Ray Stevenson's gritty portrayal in Punisher: War Zone to Thomas Jane's early 2000s take and even Dolph Lundgren taking on the role of Castle in the late '80s, vote up all your favorite Punisher actors to see who played him the best.