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The Most Memorable Punk Characters From Movies

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One of the most surprising aspects of punk rock is that people who would never listen to the music have long responded to punks on screen. That's because the best punks in movies have irresistible qualities that add something powerful to the stories in which they appear. Regardless of the genre, cinematic punks embrace a bold fashion style that sets them apart from all the other characters. Their intense anger and defiance can be used to maximize drama or even earn laughs. In other words, they're pure scene-stealers.

What follows is a list of the best punk characters from a wide variety of films. Good movies have been made about real punks, with Alex Cox's Sid & Nancy chief among them, but these are all fictional characters. Whatever stereotypes you have about punks, these examples will shatter them with their diversity. Men and women are both represented. Some have overt punk looks, while others are more subtle in their punkness. Many of them have tender qualities underneath their shocking exteriors. A couple are pure anti-establishment rage.

Interestingly, there are certain filmmakers who repeatedly depict the lives of punks on screen. Penelope Spheeris directed two of the films featuring memorable punks, Dudes and Suburbia, and Allan Moyle directed two others, Empire Records and Times Square. They, like their audiences, know the appeal of a charismatic punk.

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