The Best Punk Songs About Depression

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The best punk songs about depression offer up melancholy feelings backed by lightning-quick guitar riffs and seething vocals. The very notion of depression and angst lends itself to a punk rock song, so is it any wonder that this list of punk songs about sadness includes some classic hits?

This list is just the tip of the iceberg. The punk bands and musicians who wrote and perform these songs knew of what they spoke - many had experienced bouts with serious depression more than once. Henry Rollins, Black Flag’s vocalist and later a successful solo artist, had dealt with depression many times in his life. That bleeds through in Black Flag’s powerful "Depression." It’s certainly among the best punk songs about being depressed.

Another example of art imitating life is the music of Green Day. Front man and founder Billie Joe Armstrong has battled drug and alcohol addiction, as well as anxiety and panic disorder. Songs like “Restless Heart Syndrome” and “Basket Case” were the result.

What do you believe are the best punk songs about feeling sad? Be sure to watch the videos, and then vote for the punk depression songs that move you the most.

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