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The Best Putters in Golf History

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List RulesVote up golfers based only on their putting skills, not their entire game.

Who are the best putters in golf history? Some of the most iconic golfers ever make the list. They are the true greats of the game, able to make difficult putts when it counts to win it all. They come through in a clutch situation, besting opponents with a combination of technical prowess, steely nerves and yes, some luck. Golfers, time to weigh in: Which golfers do you think deserve the title of best putter in golf? Vote for your favorites, add any that might be missing and re-rank this list in any order you want.

Any list of the greatest putters ever in golf should include Tiger Woods, arguably one of the best golfers ever and certainly among the best athletes of all time in any sport. Not only that, but he's one of the most clutch golfers in history. When Tiger is on, he's really on, and few golfers have ever been able to match his ability to read the green. That's what makes a great putter, really: You must be able to read the break and anticipate the golf ball's speed, angle and how it will move. If you can judge distance well, and control any nerves, you can avoid those nasty three putts and finish strong once you reach the green.

Who else makes the list of all-time great putters in golf? How about The Golden Bear, aka Jack Nicklaus? And certainly, Ben Crenshaw ranks right up there - his stroke was just gorgeous. This list is a mix of some of the most legendary professional golfers of decades gone by and some newer names - golfers who have the potential to become the best putters ever (Luke Donald and Adam Scott, two of the top golfers in the world right now, come to mind). Who makes your list? Remember, you can and should rerank this list, putting players in the exact order you think they belong.