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The Best Puzzle Games on Xbox Game Pass

If you have a subscription for the Xbox Game Pass on your Xbox One, you've got tons of great puzzle titles right at your fingertips. Let's take a look at the best puzzle games available on Xbox Game Pass, including puzzle platformers like Braid, text-based puzzle games like Letter Quest, and even AAA games like Rise of the Tomb Raider that have heavy puzzle elements to them.

If wacky physics are something you love in video games, you have to check out Human: Fall Flat. This clever puzzle platformer uses bendy physics and requires you to control your jiggly character through a variety of puzzles and obstacles. Play co-op with a friend and try not to laugh hysterically as you shimmy and shake from level to level. If adventure-based puzzle games like Myst are your thing, you have to check out Rime. This adventure puzzle game sees the player exploring a mysterious island, guided by a fox-like spirit that helps you on your journey. Looking for a more traditional puzzle game on Xbox Game Pass? Try Hexic 2, a traditional puzzle game that has you spinning gems in order to combine colors and score huge combos.

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