The Best Qualities in a Friend with Benefits

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Sometimes, when you don’t want to be in a long-term relationship, but you still feel the need for some sexual healing, what you might need is a friend with benefits. As simple as it may seem, becoming friends with benefits without falling into the trap of a relationship is hard to do. The friends with benefits rules are murky and a little confusing, but as long as you and your f*ck buddy are on the same page, things should go swimmingly. Whether your FWB is a man or a woman, you still want them to have the same characteristics. Keep scrolling down to get the low down on the best qualities of a friend with benefits.

Sometimes it can be hard to define friends with benefits. How often do you call? Should you buy your buddy dinner? Are you supposed to let them stay the night? More than likely, everyone has probably been in a situation similar to friends with benefits, meaning that everyone has hooked up with someone a few times without the relationship moving beyond hanging out and getting down. Usually, if you find yourself wanting to give your friends with benefits definition, that means your f*ck buddies scenario is coming to an end. In order to keep your FWB situation rolling, check out this list of qualities that make up the best kind of friend with benefits.

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  • They Like to Have Fun
    488 votes

    They Like to Have Fun

  • No STDs
    512 votes

    No STDs

  • Respectful
    448 votes


  • You're Into the Same Things Sexually
    477 votes

    You're Into the Same Things Sexually

  • Attractive
    460 votes


  • They Can Keep a Secret
    461 votes

    They Can Keep a Secret