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The Best Qualities in an Employee

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List of good employee traits, including characteristics that make bosses happy and good qualities in an employee. Good characteristics of an employee tend to match up with many of the top qualities in a person, with a few more career focused traits. If you're asking the question "what do employers look for in a good employee" or wondering how to become a good employee this is the place to be.

The best candidates for jobs tend to have many of the same skills including self-motivation, loyalty, leadership, and a good work ethic. All of these personality traits employers look for are paramount in obtaining a job and later getting a raise or a promotion. Making sure your employer knows you have the best skills for a job is important, but knowing what the top skills for a career are is just as paramount.

What are the best qualities in an employee? What do employers look for in potential employees? Some of these questions should be answered with this crowd ranked list of the top qualities in employees, voted on by employers and employees alike. If you don't see the qualities employers look for on this list of the greatest qualities in an employee, make sure to add them so others will know what the top traits for employees really are.
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