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The Best Members of the Queer Eye Fab 5

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In 2018, Netflix launched a whole new Queer Eye Fab 5, introducing us to Bobby, Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, and Antoni. Ever since, the world has been glued to their screens, secretly wishing the Queer Eye Fab Five would descend on their own lives and help sort everything out. As you watch the show, it's impossible not to be drawn to a favorite who you ultimately select as the best member of the Fab 5. Here you'll get a chance to compare your pick of the best member of queer eye with the rest of the world.

Below you'll find each of the Queer Eye guys, along with a list of pros and cons to help you arrive at your decision. Once you arrive at your choice, just cast a vote for your favorite guy and watch him compete for the title of best member of the fab five. Will it be Jonathan with his huge smile and classic wit, Bobby with his interior designs, Tan with his eye for fashion, Karamo with his boundless patience, or Antoni who is just plain hot? Come on in and help decide!

  • Photo: Karamo / Instagram

    Karamo Brown

    Why We Love Him: 

    • When he made the firefighters learn to dance tho.
    • May or may not be the hottest guy on the show. Jus' sayin'.
    • He's just so nice, smart, charming, and emphatic. The go-to guy when you need to talk about feelings.

    Get Outta Here, Henny:

    • The role he was given on the show? To be in charge of "culture." What does that even mean?
    • Some might say he rocks a questionable amount of satin bomber jackets. We're not sure if we're jealous, or concerned about his outerwear choices.
    • Age: 38
    • Birthplace: Houston, TX
    Is he great?