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The Best Members of the Queer Eye Fab 5

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In 2018, Netflix launched a whole new Queer Eye Fab 5, introducing us to Bobby, Tan, Karamo, Jonathan, and Antoni. Ever since, the world has been glued to their screens, secretly wishing the Queer Eye Fab Five would descend on their own lives and help sort everything out. As you watch the show, it's impossible not to be drawn to a favorite who you ultimately select as the best member of the Fab 5. Here you'll get a chance to compare your pick of the best member of queer eye with the rest of the world.

Below you'll find each of the Queer Eye guys, along with a list of pros and cons to help you arrive at your decision. Once you arrive at your choice, just cast a vote for your favorite guy and watch him compete for the title of best member of the fab five. Will it be Jonathan with his huge smile and classic wit, Bobby with his interior designs, Tan with his eye for fashion, Karamo with his boundless patience, or Antoni who is just plain hot? Come on in and help decide!

  • Why We Love Him: 

    • By far the most quotable and teaches us the meanings of important phrases such as "Strugz To Func."
    • He's always unapologetically himself and helps even the most reserve people on the show do the same, loves to laugh, and always looks on the bright side.
    • Who wouldn't turn over their hair to his skills without a second thought?

    Get Outta Here, Henny:

    • Only con? The hot Jesus vibe he rocks which might be a bit romantically confusing for some.
    • Age: 32
    • Birthplace: Quincy, IL
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    Tan France

    Why We Love Him: 

    • His sweetness and wit pretty much guarantee that he pairs well with any of the other guys. He also has the genius to talk to the participants about the emotional connection with clothes, which is often the true root of their problems.
    • Everyone secretly wishes he'd take them on a shopping trip and reveal the secret to finding pants that actually fit perfectly.
    • He can completely sum up any guy's fashion sense a few points, even with a few minimal tips.

    Get Outta Here, Henny:

    • Some of his tips can get a tad repetitive. But then again, this is understandable given that many guys struggle with the exact same fashion faux pas.
    • Age: 36
    • Birthplace: Doncaster, United Kingdom
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    Bobby Berk

    Why We Love Him: 

    • He generally tends to turn out the biggest reveals, given that he's in charge of revamping people's homes.
    • He always does a great job with the home redesigns.
    • Seems like a pretty cool and funny guy, though he's often too busy to really show off his personality.

    Get Outta Here, Henny:

    • Okay, so it's understandable that he has large crews to help him pull things off. But it might be nice to see more of him actually doing some of the work so we could see his talents shine.
    • Often eclipsed by the wittier guys on the show like Jonathan and Tan.
    • Age: 37
    • Birthplace: Houston, TX
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  • Photo: Queer Eye / Netflix

    Antoni Porowski

    Why We Love Him: 

    • He's just. So. Preeeeetty.
    • Seems easy going and personal.
    • Let's face it, the boy knows how to fill out those graphic tees.

    Get Outta Here, Henny:

    • Rarely dares to teach dudes anything more complex than the art of making a grilled cheese when he gets all culinary.
    • The whole chips on a hot dog idea? Henny, no.
    • Some claim his whole job on the show not-so-subtly revolves around his innate prettiness.
    • Age: 35
    • Birthplace: Montreal, Canada
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