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Most Dramatic 'Queer Eye' Home Makeovers

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List RulesCan you believe... these amazing home makeovers? Vote up the greatest transformations.

The Queer Eye reboot on Netflix is about making people over - inside and out - and one aspect of these transformations is the home renovation. The best Queer Eye home makeovers manage to capture the unique spirit of each episode's homeowner, while making the space both functional and visually stunning. In some cases, it's a tall order, but the show's resident interior designer Bobby Berk makes it all look remarkably easy.

Homes aren't the only properties receiving facelifts in this trending incarnation of Queer Eye. Berk remodeled other spaces for the show's subjects - known as "heroes" - as well. For instance, one episode featured a church community center makeover, and another included the redecoration of a fire station. There is no space Berk can't transform into something attractive, comfortable, and livable.

Queer Eye doesn't shy away from tackling tough social issues like racism, police brutality, LGBTQ+ conversations, and difficult family dynamics. But alongside those important discussions, Bobby's greatest home makeovers add an aesthetically pleasing element to people's lives. Vote up the stunning home transformations you can't even believe, hunny!

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