The Best Quentin Tarantino Characters of All Time

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Quentin Tarantino's films are all related by events, character associations, or branding from movie to movie. The most memorable of the three being the characters. Because he writes and directs his own movies, Tarantino has the ability to create excellent characters that transcend the films that they are in and burn their place into pop culture. From their cool dialogue and names to their meticulously curated look, we are ranking the best Quentin Tarantino characters across all of his films, from Reservoir Dogs to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Who could forget such characters as Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction or Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill? You'll even find Tarantino, himself, on this list in the role of Mr. Brown. But which character in the Quentin Tarantino universe is the best? You get to help decide using your votes.

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Most divisive: Mr. Brown