The Best Things To Ask Your Alexa

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Best things to ask Alexa, including funny questions, weird requests, and easter eggs.

As with any new form of technology, there's always some type of bug or issue that either humors us or annoys us. In the case of Amazon's AI, Alexa, there's a range of hilarious things you can ask that may not have been considered during development—that or none of the developers cared. Regardless of the cause, many have discovered a trove of the best things to ask Alexa to either get a kick or actually get something done—though it's often the former. 

Since the early days of Apple's Siri, we've all asked some type of question and received a highly unexpected (and often funny) answer. Since Alexa stepped into the picture, not much has changed in that regard—just search "Alexa beef" on Google and check the results. That aside, there's plenty of great questions to ask Alexa, whether you're in need of a joke, some fun trivia, or virtually anything else. 

From weird requests to interesting questions, check out the list of best things to ask Alexa below and try them yourself. Vote up any you find top the others.

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    Can you pass the Turing test?

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    Where are you from?

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    Will you tell me a dirty joke?

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    Can you rap for me?

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    Alexa, will you go on a date with me?

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    Are you friends with Siri?