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There are a host of great ideas for Qwilfish nicknames, but which ones are the best? Introduced in the Generation II, Qwilfish is a dual Water/Poison type Pokémon. Due to its round body, Qwilfish is not a great swimmer, and when filled with water it is even harder for it to swim. When Qwilfish faces a larger opponent, it will inflate its body to match its size as close as it can. If it is startled while inflated, it will spit out all its water, propelling itself away.

What’s your favorite Qwilfish nickname? Spike is a great name for this puffer Pokémon, short and sweet. You can also go for the official Japanese name which is Harysen. If neither of those appeal, there's plenty more options on this list including Mrs. Puff.

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    Mrs. Puff

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    (Official German name)

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    (Official Japanese name)