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The Best Qyburn Quotes

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Here are the best Qyburn quotes from HBO's Game of Thrones. Played by English actor Anton Lesser, Qyburn is the former maester who was kicked out of the order for his unethical human experiments. Serving under Cersei Lannister, Qyburn fits a prosthetic hand for Jaime Lannister and reanimates Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain. What is your favorite quote from Qyburn?

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    Put To Rest

    Qyburn: Sometimes before we can usher in the new, the old must be put to rest.


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    Death Of Reason

    Qyburn: Belief is so often the death of reason.


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    Poor And Alone

    Qyburn: When the Citadel expelled me, I thought I would die poor and alone, but in exchange for my service, Queen Cersei made me her Hand. What would she do for the man who rids her of her treasonous brothers?


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    Only A Moment Before

    Jaime Lannister: Do you believe in ghosts, Maester?

    Qyburn: Once, at the Citadel, I came into an empty room and saw an empty chair. Yet I knew a woman had been there, only a moment before. The cushion was dented where she'd sat, the cloth was still warm, and her scent lingered in the air. If we leave our smells behind us when we leave a room, surely something of our souls must remain when we leave this life? The archmaesters did not like my thinking, though. Well, Marwyn did, but he was the only one.


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