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The Best R.E.M. Albums

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A list of the best R.E.M. albums, as voted on by the Ranker community. R.E.M. put out 15 studio albums during the band's 31-year career, beginning with 1983's 'Murmur' and, sadly, ending with the 15th and final album, 'Collapse into Now,' in 2011. In between, R.E.M. released some of the most memorable, greatest alternative rock in music history. R.E.M.'s list of career highlights speaks for itself. Sadly, R.E.M. announced that they'd decided to break up in September of 2011, but fortunately for fans, their music catalog is extensive (and awesome), including some of the best REM songs ever recorded. Which R.E.M. album is the greatest ever? That's certainly subjective, but I wanted to get a general idea from everyone here. I'm including all of R.E.M.'s studio albums, along with a few collections and one (really great) EP. Be sure to vote on your favorite, feel free to comment on the "why" in the comments section, and remember: You can certainly re-rank this list of great R.E.M. albums in any order you choose. R.E.M. is one of the truly great American rock bands. Maybe someday Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, Mike Mills and (who knows?) even Bill Berry will decide to reunite. Until then, we've got these albums to keep us company.