The Best R-Rated Crime Thriller Movies Of All Time

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With over 600 movie fans weighing in, this list of the best R-Rated crime thrillers is sure to have something for everyone. Crime thrillers are a genre that never fails to capture our attention and keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether it's an intense heist caper, a serial killer mystery, or a gripping tale of revenge and redemption, these movies offer something for every fan of suspense and action.

From neo-noirs like The Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs to modern masterpieces like No Country For Old Men and The Departed, this list has some truly standout entries. Thrill seekers will love films like Heat, Drive, and Hustlers which feature plenty of pulse-pounding car chases and shootouts along with complex characters who make morally questionable choices in pursuit of justice or money. Meanwhile those looking for psychological intrigue can check out classics such as Se7en or Silence Of The Lambs where clever criminals play mind games with their pursuers as they remain one step ahead at all times.

No matter what kind of crime thriller you're after there's bound to be something here that'll get your adrenaline pumping - so why not check out the full list? Vote up your favorites now.

Photo: Reservoir Dogs / Miramax Films
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