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List of R-Rated historical dramas, ranked from best to worst with movie trailers when available. This list takes the best R-Rated historical dramas and pits them against each other to see once and for all what the greatest R-Rated Historical drama movie of all time is. This list of popular R-Rated historical dramas includes information like who directed the film, when it was released and which actors starred in the movie. If you think the top R-Rated Historical drama movie isn't as high as it should be then be sure to vote it up so it can take its rightful place among the other great R-Rated Historical drama films on this list. If you're trying to find a specific R-Rated Historical drama film you can search this list and filter to find what you're looking for.

Use every item on this list for yours, from Gladiator to Braveheart.

If you're trying to find out "What are the best R-Rated historical dramas?" and "What are the most famous R-Rated historical dramas?" then this list is the perfect resource for you.

Use this list if you're looking for some new historical dramas that are rated R. Between Netflix, Hulu and other services there are thousands of great historical dramas rated R, so get out there and start watching.

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Martin Scorsese and Mel Gibson have both directed a Historical drama R film, as have other really creative and talented directors.

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Che Guevara Sônia Braga, Paula Garcés, Charis Michelsen Che Guevara is 2005 Drama, Romance, War film written and directed by Josh Evans.

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Gladiator is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Best R-Rated Historical Drama Movies
Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Michael Sheen Gladiator is a 2000 American-British epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Ralf Möller, Oliver Reed, Djimon Hounsou, ...more

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Braveheart is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Best R-Rated Historical Drama Movies
Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Brendan Gleeson Braveheart is a 1995 epic historical medieval war drama film directed by and starring Mel Gibson. Gibson portrays William Wallace, a 13th-century Scottish warrior who led the Scots in the First ...more

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Helena Bonham Carter, Colin Firth, Guy Pearce The King's Speech is a 2010 British historical drama film directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler. Colin Firth plays King George VI who, to cope with a stammer, sees Lionel Logue, an ...more

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Kerry Washington, Gillian Anderson, James McAvoy The Last King of Scotland is a 2006 British fiction drama film based on Giles Foden's novel of the same name, adapted by screenwriters Peter Morgan and Jeremy Brock, and directed by Kevin ...more

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Gangs of New York is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best R-Rated Historical Drama Movies
Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Liam Neeson Gangs of New York is a 2002 American fictionalized historical drama film set in the mid-19th century in the Five Points district of Lower Manhattan in 1863. The film was directed by Martin ...more

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Tom Cruise, Billy Connolly, Timothy Spall The Last Samurai is a 2003 American epic film directed and co-produced by Edward Zwick, who also co-wrote the screenplay with John Logan. The film stars Tom Cruise, who also co-produced, as well ...more

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Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander, Harriet Walter A Royal Affair is a 2012 romantic drama film written by Nikolaj Arcel, Rasmus Heisterberg and directed by Nikolaj Arcel.

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Donald Sutherland, Max von Sydow, Imelda Staunton Citizen X is a 1995 biography crime drama film written by Robert Cullen and Chris Gerolmo and directed by Chris Gerolmo.

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Vera Farmiga, Gaspard Ulliel, Lizzie Brocheré This historical romantic drama shares the compelling tale of Sobran Jodeau, an ambitious young peasant winemaker and the three loves of his life - his wife Celeste, the proudly intellectual ...more

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Michelle Yeoh, David Carradine, Jay Chou True Legend is a 2010 historical action drama film written by Chi-long To and directed by Yuen Woo-ping.

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Hayden Panettiere, Christopher Walken, Hilary Swank The Affair of the Necklace is a 2001 American historical drama film directed by Charles Shyer. The screenplay by John Sweet is based on what became known as the Affair of the Diamond Necklace, ...more

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Christian Bale, Paul Schneider, Yuan Nie The Flowers of War is a 2011 Chinese historical drama war film directed by Zhang Yimou, starring Christian Bale, Ni Ni, Zhang Xinyi, Tong Dawei, Atsuro Watabe, Shigeo Kobayashi and Cao Kefan. ...more

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Willem Dafoe, Haley Joel Osment, Krystyna Feldman Edges of the Lord is an award-winning 2001 film, written and directed by Yurek Bogayevicz, set in Poland during World War II, starring Willem Dafoe and Haley Joel Osment.

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Donald Sutherland, Tina Aumont, Daniel Emilfork Fellini's Casanova is a 1976 Italian film by director Federico Fellini, adapted from the autobiography of Giacomo Casanova, the 18th century adventurer and writer. Shot entirely at the ...more

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Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Tom Hanks Charlie Wilson's War is a 2007 American biographical comedy-drama film, recounting the true story of U.S. Congressman Charlie Wilson who partnered with CIA operative Gust Avrakotos to launch ...more

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Jet Li, Michelle Reis, Vincent Zhao Fong Sai-yuk, also known as The Legend of Fong Sai-yuk and The Legend, is a 1993 Hong Kong wuxia-comedy film directed by Corey Yuen, starring Jet Li as Chinese folk hero Fong Sai-yuk. The film ...more

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Gérard Depardieu, Isabelle Adjani, François Berléand Camille Claudel is a 1988 French film about the life of the 19th century female sculptor Camille Claudel. The movie was based on the book by Reine-Marie Paris, granddaughter of Camille's ...more

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Isabelle Adjani, Asia Argento, Virna Lisi La Reine Margot is a 1994 French period film directed by Patrice Chéreau, based on the 1845 historical novel La Reine Margot by Alexandre Dumas. It stars Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil, ...more

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The Road to Freedom Tom Proctor, Joshua Fredric Smith, Nhem Sokun The Road to Freedom is a 2010 war film directed by Brendan Moriarty in his directorial debut. The film is inspired by the true-life story of photojournalist Sean Flynn, the son of Errol Flynn, ...more

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Dennis Quaid, Tamlyn Tomita, Colm Meaney Come See the Paradise is a 1990 drama film written and directed by Alan Parker, and starring Dennis Quaid and Tamlyn Tomita. Set before and during World War II, the film depicts the treatment of ...more

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Helmut Berger, Dominique Sanda, Fabio Testi The Garden of the Finzi-Continis is a 1970 Italian film, directed by Vittorio de Sica. It stars Lino Capolicchio, Dominique Sanda and Helmut Berger. The film is based upon Giorgio Bassani's ...more

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Martin Freeman, Toby Jones, Emily Holmes Nightwatching is a 2007 film about the artist Rembrandt and the creation of his painting The Night Watch. The film is directed by Peter Greenaway and stars Martin Freeman as Rembrandt, with Eva ...more

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Gao Yuanyuan, Liu Ye, Fan Wei "Lu Chuan's remarkable and very moving film chronicles 'the rape of Nanking' by the invading Japanese army in 1937 as a series of telling vignettes. Nanjing (previously known as Nanking) ...more