The Most Powerful Movies About Racism

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Movies with racism as a central theme.

Over 2,300 movie fans have voted to shape these rankings of the most impactful movies about racism. From biopics that tell real-life stories of those affected by systemic injustice that shed light on the issue from a different perspective, these films all address racism in some form or another. Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing is an unflinching portrayal of racial tensions in Brooklyn during one day in the summer of 1989. Other favorites include Ava Duvernay's Selma and Fruitvale Station which are both based on true events and depict people challenging oppressive systems and inspiring others with their courage. For something more comedic, check out Get Out which uses satire to brilliantly explore race relations between African Americans and whites living together in suburbia.

These movies have resonated with viewers around the world thanks to their powerful messages on racism and social injustice. Some educate us through storytelling while others help start conversations we wouldn't otherwise engage in - but all serve an important role when it comes to understanding how far we've come as a society but also how much further there is still left for us still go.

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