The Best Rainbow Fidget Spinners

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Whether you love rainbows or just need something pretty looking to keep you occupied, these rainbow fidget spinners are the way to go. Fidget spinners became one of the biggest pointless fads of the 2010s and, despite a few fidget-spinning horror stories, they can be found in the hands of kids everywhere. It's only fitting the hypnotic handheld devices comes in all sorts of options for fans of rainbows.

Just like rainbows themselves, the options for rainbow fidget spinners come in a spectrum of styles. Some of the most popular rainbow fidget spinners not only flaunt all the colors of the rainbow, but even light up! Then you have unique rainbow fidget spinners—the ones everyone wants, such as rainbow animal and flower fidget spinners from Bauhinia.

Do you have a favorite from the list of rainbow fidget spinners? Check out the best of them below and vote up the ones you think are the coolest. 

Most divisive: Fxexblin Hand Spinner