Rainy Day Horror Movies You Can Watch Again And Again

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Halloween is a time for parties, pumpkins, and scares galore. While there are fun rituals that accompany the holiday, including eating heaps of candy and donning colorful costumes, Halloween is synonymous with terror and the paranormal. There's no better time than Halloween to catch up on some classic horror films.

There's nothing quite like sitting inside on a rainy day and enjoying a scary movie marathon while munching on fun-size snacks. But anyone can throw on a great horror film - it takes a true movie connoisseur to choose just the right one. These movies aren't necessarily the all-time scariest films with the most iconic characters, but they are creepy classics that only get better with repeat viewings.

Make sure to vote for the horror films you can't live without. It doesn't matter if they're shamelessly pulpy, cheesy, or childish - no one will judge you this Halloween.

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