The Best Rainy Day Shows To Watch When You're Bored And Stuck Inside

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Vote up the shows that are your favorites to watch when bad weather makes you want to just curl up on the couch.

Whatever reason you're stuck inside, due to rain or some good, old-fashioned social distancing,  you can at least relax knowing you have a plethora of amazing television shows at your disposal. Before the era of Netflix and other streaming services, many shows were designed to be played in the background while you take care of some chores around the house, which makes them great to have on while you scroll on your phone and think about going out. You don't need to devote your entire attention to these shows, but you can look up at any time and enjoy laughs or a moment of suspense. After all, the best TV shows to watch when bored can still hold your interest even if your mind is on other things, and are still great to rewatch even if you've seen them before.

Sometimes you're simply unable to head over to the park or meet up with friends at the bar. That's when having some good rainy day shows on deck really comes in handy. No longer will you have to scroll on Netflix for hours - although that's certainly another way to kill some time. Instead, you'll be able to turn back to this list and find a show you can watch for hours on end and enjoy no matter how much you spend time looking out the window.

From comedies to light dramas, these are all good shows to watch when bored. Who knows? You may even find your new favorite show even if you can't quite remember what happens in every episode. Make sure to vote up your favorite rainy day shows that you turn to when you're ready to just curl up on the couch with some snacks and let the day fly by. 

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