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The Best Rally Cars Ever Put Together

Updated 26 Oct 2019 26.3k views19 items

Purists are always going on about "real" motorsport, but can a motorsport be any more "pure" than one that predates paved roads? Rally racing is probably the oldest form of motorsports on Earth, and it's seen some incredible machines in its time. Without a doubt, most of them came from the early 1980s - a time of turbocharged Group B monsters and their truly suicidal drivers. While people who care about little things like death ultimately outlawed the most insane of all racing classes, we've seen quite a few greats since then.

Some of best rally cars have come from the WRC, but let's be real: since Group B went away, it's been impossible to shake the fact that WRC cars are intentionally much slower than they could be. The same isn't true in the Paris-Dakar rally, or on Pikes Peak. In the desert wilds and mountain heights, insanity still rules and speed still means going as fast as possible.

For this list, we're going to look over some of the driving greats from all three series. For the record, we're excluding Pikes Peak vehicles from 2011 and later, since a bunch of San Francisco hippies forced Colorado to pave Pikes all the way to the top. Loss of a national treasure, that was.

But we've certainly seen our share of rally treasures sliding sideways through the years. Time to kick some gravel. Vote up the good rally cars you wish you could see race.
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