18 People Share Their Best Random Pieces Of Advice, And They Didn't Disappoint

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Life is full of randomness, but having a little bit of advice along the way is so helpful. 

  • 1. Be Kind

    From Redditor u/nikezoom6

    Every person you meet, on any given day, could be going through the worst day of their lives. Be kind. It costs nothing.

  • 2. Just Because You Can Afford It, Doesn't Mean You Need It

    From Redditor u/Puggymon:

    Just because you can afford it, doesn't mean that you should buy it.

    From Redditor u/sourdoughbreaditor

    There is a big difference between being able to pay for something, and being able to afford something.

  • 3. What To Order At A Restaurant

    From Redditor u/alphrag

    If nothing on the menu ls leaping out at you, order "the Original."

    The business was built on that one.


    From Redditor u/ blankwillow_

    Out of the many things in restaurants I learned from listening to the late great Chef Carl Ruiz, here are a couple:

    Ask what the most popular dish is at the restaurant. The chef knows this dish in and out, and will be the best tasting thing on the menu. Also, it will be made from the freshest food there.

    If there is a "Chef's Special", avoid it at all costs. Generally, this is being made from food that is about to expire and the kitchen needs to get rid of their inventory before it does.

  • 4. Don't Borrow From Tomorrow

    From Redditor u/DinkandDrunk

    Some people take cold showers, eat zero carbs, Dream journal, meditate, etc. In my experience everything in life gets easier if you simplify it. So my general daily goals are.

    Eat well, sweat a little, plan ahead, act immediately, mind the budget, and prioritize sleep.

    Almost all of the above can be summed up as:

    Don’t make it a habit to borrow from tomorrow

  • 5. Call The Doctor

    From Redditor u/TakeThatLongWalk:

    My wife was very much a "call the doctor" type with our first baby, no matter how minor the issue. Stuffy nose? Call the doctor. Crying louder than normal? Call the doctor. Not crying at all? Call the doctor.

    And if we didn't hear back quickly enough from the doctor... go to the emergency room.

    I was the other end of the spectrum. As the oldest child I was always looking after my younger siblings and if it wasn't broken, bleeding, or no longer attached, I thought "no big deal."

    Thankfully none of these incidents amounted to anything, but they were a loss of time and money, and it was a little frustrating to always be right in retrospect but never listened to in the moment. I had to bite my tongue every time to hold back the "I told you so."

    I complained to my father about all these false alarms and his advice:

    "You have to be right every time, and she only has to be right once, for it to be something you regret not calling the doctor about sooner."

    So after that, I just said "Yup, let's call the doctor."

  • 6. Cooking And Eating At Home Will Save You Money

    From Redditor u/marvopovo

    Cooking and eating at home will save you a lot of money