The 20 Best Randy Marsh Episodes On 'South Park'

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When South Park first premiered more than 20 years ago, it focused solely on four young boys cursing their way through life. While the secondary characters were interesting, they were, ultimately, secondary, having a few shining moments here and there but ultimately standing far from the spotlight. However, as the show's progressed and the characters have started to come into their own, one secondary character has grown into one of the funniest comedic voices in the entire series: Randy Marsh (AKA Stan's dad). The best Randy Marsh episodes feature him in some of the most ridiculous of scenarios, from buying a dilapidated Blockbuster Video to starting his own erotic school cafeteria cooking show and more. 

Randy Marsh has become a comedic tour de force, and it appears the show is being centered more and more around him (if the newer seasons are any indication). Sure, episodes with Cartman and Butters taking center stage are always fun, but there's something about Randy's personality that often makes for the best comedic moments. Most Randy-centric episodes are ridiculous in nature, but they’re also a window into why he acts the way he does. From epic one-liners to absolutely surreal plots (like discovering Randy is actually the pop singer Lorde), there have been some seriously funny Randy Marsh episodes over the years. Which ones are your favorite?

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  • Medicinal Fried Chicken
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    When discovering that he can take advantage of the new weed dispensaries without a prescription from a doctor, Randy does whatever he can to give himself cancer in order to secure a doctor's note. South Park being the show it is, of course, doesn't give Randy a regular form of cancer. No, Randy gets cancer by sticking his testicles into a microwave and making said testicles grow incredibly large. 

    "Medicinal Fried Chicken" shows that Randy Marsh is nothing if not creative. Eventually, Randy's testicular cancer grows at such a rapid rate that he can no longer enter the dispensary and purchase cannabis due to high enlarged his testicles have become. While it's doubtful whether Randy ever actually learned anything from his actions in the episode, at least we got to see him ride his gonads down the street like a hoppity-hop, which is easily one of the funniest sight gags in the show's history. 

    Funniest line: "Just gonna get a little bit of cancer, Stan. Tell Mom it's okay."

    • Original Airing: March 31, 2010
    • Season: South Park - Season 14
    • Episode Number: 3
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    The Losing Edge
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    As the boys' little league baseball team progresses throughout the season (much to their dismay), Randy starts picking fights with fathers of the opposing teams. "The Losing Edge" might be Randy Marsh's magnum opus in the world of South Park: the farther the team goes on to play in various championships, the tougher the fights get for Randy. It all comes to a head when Randy has to face off against "Bat-Dad" during the boys' state championship game. 

    The reason this is such a great Randy episode is due to how seriously he takes his role as the dad who gets into fights. Fighting other fathers isn't just something Randy does during little league games; in Randy's mind, it's something he has to do for his son, for the team, and for the town of South Park.

    Funniest line: "I'm not allowed to stand up for myself?! I thought this was America! Huh?! Isn't this America?! I'm sorry, I thought this was America!

    • Original Airing: April 06, 2005
    • Season: South Park - Season 9
    • Episode Number: 5
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    Creme Fraiche

    Creme Fraiche
    Photo: Comedy Central

    Randy's love for the Food Network is ruining his family's life as his borderline obsessive nature takes a more erotic turn. Randy's wife, Sharon, is so offended by his awkward new habit that has to look elsewhere for that kind of attention (enter the Shake-Weight). Meanwhile, Stan is shocked and embarrassed to find out that Randy's newfound love of cooking leads to him becoming the new school cafeteria chef. 

    Randy Marsh's obsessive nature shines brightly in "Crème Fraîche", making it one of the funniest episodes in the entire series. What also makes this episode stand out is the fact that almost every major character has their own hilarious subplot, all while somehow relating to Randy's ridiculousness.

    Funniest line: "Crème fraîche, Cafeteria Fraîche. Lalalalala fraîche. Ho ho hohoho."

    Original Airing: Nov 17, 2010
    Season: South Park- Season 14
    Episode Number: 14

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  • With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
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    After saying a racial slur on a live game show, Randy sets out to make things right by, among other things, setting up the Randy Marsh African American Scholarship Foundation. Randy's reaction to how people view him is both hilarious and ridiculous as he now feels that he has become a victim of the racial slur and moves to have the slur be illegal. Randy rarely gets to be a minority in a situation and he hilariously jumps at any chance to be one. This episode is the epitome of that running character trait of Randy's.

    Randy knows he caused pain by saying the racial slur, but now foolishly believes he feels the same pain since he's now known as a guy who has used the slur.  Randy's spoken word poetry scene is a good example of Randy not being able to comprehend that he isn't a victim in this situation (which he put himself in) and that his pleas for everyone to understand his plight falls on confused and deaf ears.  

    Funniest line: "Words with venom, words that bind. Words used like weapons to cloud my mind. I'm a person. I'm a man. But no matter how I try, people just say 'Hey! There's that 'n***er' guy.'"

    • Original Airing: March 07, 2007
    • Season: South Park - Season 11
    • Episode Number: 1
    • Series: South Park
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    "More Crap" loves reminding you that South Park is an Emmy award-winning series all while having Randy Marsh attempt to make the biggest poop in human history. Randy is at his most innocent in this episode, as he's so proud to have had taken the world's biggest poo and is devastated when his record is immediately broken (by U2's Bono of all people). Randy thought that this could be the one time he could finally win something and that having this disgusting (while admittedly impressive) record would make him no longer feel like a loser. 

    Throughout the show's history, it's been well established that Randy Marsh will go to extreme lengths to reach his goals. "More Crap" is one of the few times where Randy actually reaches his goal. While sitting way up high on the mountain of excrement he just took, we see him worn out, but victorious. Randy's victories are a rare sight on South Park, just as rare as an Emmy award-winning show having a major character literally sitting on top of a massive pile of crap and getting rewarded for it. 

    Funniest line: “I mean, this was something I made! Something that came from me! That was a part of me! The only thing I ever made that was any good!

    • Original Airing: October 10, 2007
    • Season: South Park - Season 11
    • Episode Number: 9
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  • Make Love, Not Warcraft
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    "Make Love, Not Warcraft" features Randy trying to learn how to play World of Warcraft after watching Stan play. As the boys team up with other kids at school to defeat an extremely overpowered player, Randy rushes to the rescue. While Randy's definitely not the focal point of the episode, he plays a crucial role as he has to get a sword to his son so the boys can defeat another player, with the humor being sold through how seriously Randy takes the game.

    Randy trying to comprehend Stan's interests always makes for a great episode due to his wanting to relate to his son while always failing miserably. His bumbling in-game character is also a highlight. Sure, he's a newb, but he's also a hero.

    Funniest line: "Not now, Nelson. I just joined a big party of night elves and we're gonna explore the Tower of Azora together.

    • Original Airing: October 04, 2006
    • Season: South Park - Season 10
    • Episode Number: 8
    • Series: South Park
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