The Best Rap Albums Of 2023

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The ever evolving landscape and heavy release schedule of hip-hop means there's usually something for everyone - but it might get lost in the shuffle. The best rap albums of 2023 include drill and trap to more conscious and also region specific styles like Detroit trap and Miami bass. There's also a larger influx of female rappers now than ever before, lending their voices to new stories and new styles.

This year, YoungBoy Never Broke Again dropped his studio album I Rest My Case. The 23 year old industrious rapper is now up to five studio albums to join his dozens of mixtapes. Meanwhile, London's own Clavish released his anticipated debut mixtape Rap Game Awful, full of ominous instrumentals and grim storytelling. 

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  • I Rest My Case
    Photo: Motown/Never Broke Again
    120 votes

    I Rest My Case

    Best Tracks:Black”, "Louie V", “Rage”

    After being the blueprint for so many up-and-comers, NBA YoungBoy decides to switch it up a bit. On I Rest My Case, the versatile rapper hops on glitchy, glittery, synthesizer beats reminiscent of Playboi Carti's Die Lit to excellent results.

    • Artist: YoungBoy Never Broke Again
    • Release Date: January 6
  • Love Is War
    Photo: Jamla/Roc Nation
    68 votes

    Love Is War

    Best Tracks: “Butterfly Doors”, “February 13th (feat. Rapsody)”, “Geechie Suede

    For fans of J.Cole comes Charlotte native Reuben Vincent. Over soulful production, the young Roc Nation rapper delivers vulnerable platitudes about love and life.

    • Artist: Reuben Vincent
    • Release Date: January 27
  • Like..?
    Photo: 10K Projects/Capitol
    147 votes


    Best Tracks: “Gangsta Boo” with Lil TJay, "Princess Diana", "Munch (Feelin' U)"

    Ice Spice's brand of playfulness mixed with bravado meld over the top of bouncy drill beats courtesy of RIOTUSA. The best part of the Bronx rapper may be how readily she leans into her internet infamy, exemplified by the proclamation that “in the hood [she's] like Princess Diana.”

    • Artist: Ice Spice
    • Release Date: January 20
  • Rap Game Awful
    Photo: Polydor
    63 votes

    Rap Game Awful

    Best Tracks: No Difference”, “Rocket Science (feat. D-Block Europe)”, “Traumatised”

    Over 28 tracks, Clavish reveals his bleak worldview to his audience. Though his delivery stays calm and measured, the London native grimly reveals his feelings of paranoia after life on the streets, aided by minimal production.

    • Artist: Clavish
    • Release Date: January 13
  • Before the Gloss Up
    Photo: Quality Control
    60 votes

    Before the Gloss Up

    Best Tracks: Bestfrenn (feat. GloRilla)”, “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” with K Carbon, Aleza & Slimeroni, “Pussycat”

    Twinkling beats and engaging flows make Before the Gloss Up an ideal feel-good party album. The charismatic Memphis emcee is at her best when feeding off other rappers like on the posse cut “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe” or GloRilla featuring “Bestfrenn.”

    • Artist: Gloss Up
    • Release Date: January 20