The Best Rap Albums of 2013

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Only rap albums or mixtapes released during the 2013 calendar year

This is a list of the best rap albums of 2013. This list contains the likes of Action Bronson's Blue Chips, A$AP Rocky's Long Live A$AP, of Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Pusha T's My Name is My Name and newcomer Earl Sweatshirt's Doris. What do you think? Have we compiled the greatest rap albums of our time? Have we fallen short and put together the worst albums of 2013? Let your opinions reign supreme, let your heart and your headphones lead you to the truth.

There are always up and comers and newcomers every year in music, and 2013 was no exception. The question to ask every year is not whether we can find new music and new artists, but whether we can find good artists, and great music to listen to. Do the newcomers weigh in well? Do they compare to the likes of veterans of hip hop such as Lil Wayne? Do they compare to Kanye West or Jay Z? You will make the decisions from here on out. Don't forget to add the hip hop albums of 2013 that we have forgotten, as there are always great underdog artists who fly just below the radar. Gain respect, gain courage, and help your favorite musicians succeed by letting people know what is good, what is great, what will last, and what will pass.
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