The Best Rap Songs For Karaoke

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Here are the best hip hop jams to rap at your next karaoke party. Whether you are the next big star or just want to get up there for fun, karaoke can be enjoyed by everyone. Anyone who's got a decent flow and a good stage presence will definitely want to look at the rap category of the karaoke booklet. There are plenty of good rap karaoke songs to choose from, and you can let everyone know you are the next Jay-Z. 

Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" is a surefire crowd pleaser. You will have everyone in the bar singing along to how much they love big butts. You can also get a little more contemporary with your selection and choose something from Kendrick Lamar or Cardi B to rap with. You don't have to be the best rapper in the world. You just need to know how to have fun and to not get too embarrassed if you end up needing to take a breather in the middle. 

This list contains the best rap karaoke songs of all time. Vote for the ones you always resort to when you go to karaoke nights. 

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