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When it comes to rap music, no subject is off limits. For this list we're ranking the best rap songs about addiction, and we want you to vote up your favorites. How many good rap addiction songs can you think of off the top of your head? Below you'll find popular songs that you've definitely heard before, but also some more underground rap songs with addiction mentioned in the title or lyrics. Eminem talks about overcoming addiction in “Going Through Changes” and “Not Afraid.” Macklemore has also tackled addiction to drugs in his songs “Outside” and “Starting Over.” Many other rappers have also touched on addiction to alcohol, heroine, pills, and other dangerous substances. 

You can add your own favorites to this list, so feel free to contribute with any new rap songs about addiction and addicts that aren't already on the poll.

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Not Afraid Eminem

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Otherside Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

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PunkkChickaa added Macklemore - Drug Dealer

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Starting Over Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

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Chris Dolmeth is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list The Best Rap Songs About Addiction
Tyler Thomas Wright added Chris Dolmeth Hopsin

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I Feel Like Dying Lil Wayne

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PunkkChickaa added Macklemore - Kevin

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Nosebleeds Danny Brown

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PunkkChickaa added Mad Child - Wake Up

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Jitters Mad Child

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Stoned Junkee Underground Kingz

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Mr.C added Slip Away Roam FM

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Going Back to Rehab Sage Francis

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i try to chance is listed (or ranked) 17 on the list The Best Rap Songs About Addiction
Kian Connolly Scharnberg added i try to chance Stiches