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The Best Rap Songs About Jesus

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Spirituality is huge part of rap music, and these are the best rap songs about Jesus ranked from best to worst by fan votes. A few of these great rap songs about Jesus are from old school artists while others are from newer hip-hop groups. What do you think are the  all-time greatest rap songs about Jesus? be sure to vote up your favorites.

What tracks will you find on this best rap songs about Jesus list? Kanye West has included lyrics about Jesus in many of his popular hits. “Jesus Walks” and “New God Flow” are two examples of West's rap songs about Jesus. Meek Mill is another rapper who frequently talks about Jesus in tracks like “Amen” and “In God We Trust.”

Lecrae has dedicated his career to Jesus as a Christian hip hop artist and record producer. Other great tunes featured on this top rap songs about Jesus list include “Golden Salvation,” “Ten Jesus Pieces,” and “Black Jesus.”

Do you have a favorite rap song about Jesus? Vote the best tracks up to the top of this list and share some of your favorite lyrics in the comments section.