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songs The Best Rap Songs About Racism  

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When it comes to rap music, no subject is off limits. For this list we're ranking the best rap songs about racism, and we want you to vote up your favorites. How many good racism rap songs can you think of off the top of your head? Below you'll find popular songs that you've definitely heard before, but also some more underground rap songs with racism in the title or lyrics. N.W.A., Jay Z, and KRS-One all rap about racism experienced at the hands of the police. In “Blacker the Berry,” Kendrick Lamar raps about how racism is a complex and constant struggle in America.

You can add your own favorite songs that deal with discrimination, hatred, and racial profiling. Also feel free to contribute with any new rap songs about racism and racial struggles that aren't already on the poll.

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Changes Tupac

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Blacker the Berry Kendrick Lamar

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Fight the Power Public Enemy

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Reagan Killer Mike

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I Have a Dream Common, John Legend

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New Slaves Kanye West

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99 Problems Jay-Z

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Teach the Children Eric B. & Rakim

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