The Best Rappers from Compton

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Only famous rappers who are from or started their careers in Compton, CA.

Compton, a small city located a few miles south of downtown LA, has a rich and vibrant history and continues to leave its mark on popular culture as hip hop’s west coast mecca. These are the best rappers from Compton. While it’s generally believed the LA scene came together around the same time as rap took hold in New York, the West Coast didn’t exactly hit its stride until the late 80s with the arrival of N.W.A. After that, the floodgates opened. Throughout the 90s, gangsta rap was the most popular sub genre of hip hop and Compton was its ground zero.

But everybody has to grow up. By the 2000s, interest in gansta rap waned. Dre and other Compton rappers, who were only getting older, branched out as businessmen and film stars. West coast hip hop hasn’t died, however. Rappers like Kendrick Lamar still carry the torch and continue to influence a new generation.

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