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For those uninitiated to the genre, reaction YouTube channels may seem bizarre. How can it possibly be interesting to watch someone else react to content you've already seen? For those of you who spend hours a day watching online personalities scream or giggle, you know exactly how much joy can be derived from seeing raw emotions play out on screen. Reaction YouTubers make themselves vulnerable in front of the camera, which makes for a highly engaging experience. 

Reaction videos show content creators reacting to everything from touching content to downright disgusting content. A horror or gross-out video may cause a YouTuber to retch, scream, or grimace at content that's already terrified you - filling you with some schadenfreude. If you had to suffer through it, shouldn't everyone else?

YouTubers who react to funny content can make you giggle all over again. A reaction to something sentimental can leave you touched. With so much cynicism in the world, it's strangely absorbing to watch someone have a genuine reaction to something human. 

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