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The Best Real Housewives Hair

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"The Real Housewives" are known for big fights, big drama, and  big hair. Behind every table flip and splash of wine in the face are wigs, weaves, and flat-out legendary manes of hair that border on architectural marvels. Some of the women have truly beautiful hair, and some have hair so bizarre, it's hard not to consider it amazing in its own wondrous way.

It's about time to look back at the good, the bad, and the unruly. Which housewives have the best hair? And which housewives need another consultation with their local beauty shop?
  • Photo: uploaded by Ben Mandelker

    Heather’s sleek, straight hair is reminiscent of notorious “Ducktales” villain Magica De Spell. And like Magica De Spell, fools should know better than to mess with Heather DuBrow.

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  • 2. Chyka Keebaugh, “Real Housewives of Melbourne”

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    Chyka Keebaugh rocks perhaps not the best hair, but at least some of the oddest. It’s a short, little ‘do that at times appears like a mullet and at others like a pompadour. Either way, it’s all very strange and unique.

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  • Photo: uploaded by Ben Mandelker

    With long, flowing locks that seem to extend for at least three miles, this former beauty-queen-turned-“Housewife” incurred jealous glares of wrath for her Rapunzel-esque hair. Move over, Kyle Richards.

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    It’s been red, it’s been blonde, it’s been long, it’s been short. No matter what size or shape or color, Kandi’s hair has always matched her personality: fun and likable.

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