The Best Real Housewives of All Time

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Who are the best housewives? It's up to you to decide!

Using the word "best" with The Real Housewives is a dicey affair. Not only does the Real Housewives franchise elicit passionate, polarizing opinions from its fans, but it somehow manages to warp the entire notion of good and bad behavior.

Is the best housewife someone that the viewers identify with, agree with, admire, and aspire to be? Or is she a lady who is so quintessentially integral to the drama and craziness of the Housewives that losing her would be an unthinkable travesty?

Yes, the line between love and love-to-hate is blurry at best, but that's probably the appeal of The Real Housewives in the first place. The following list features the biggest fan favorites. Some are hilarious, some are ridiculous, some are impossible divas, and all are great television.