The Best New Reality Competition Shows Of 2020

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Vote up the best reality competition television shows that premiered their first season in 2020.

If you're a fan of competitive reality shows, 2020 has several new series that might be just what you're looking for. Some of the best and most popular reality shows on now are competitive reality shows. Watching people go head-to-head in a talent competition or compete for a prize can make for some of the best reality TV.

The new series Top Dog is a little different than other competitive reality series in 2020. Not only are the competitors dogs, the series is produced by the same people as American Ninja Warrior. It's not the only player on the field when it comes to exciting competitive reality television in 2020, with suspenseful competition provided by the Bravo series Spy Games, which sees a group of contestants pitted against each other as they learn the secrets of espionage.

See what 2020 holds when it comes to new competitive reality shows and wield the power of a show judge as you cast your vote up or down for each to help decide what shows were the bigger hits.

  • Crazy Delicious
    Photo: Netflix
    • Actors: Carla Hall, Niklas Ekstedt and Heston Blumenthal
  • Tough as Nails
    Photo: Tough as Nails
    • Actors: Phil Keoghan
  • LEGO Masters
    Video: YouTube
    29 VOTES
    • Actors: Will Arnett
  • The Big Flower Fight
    Video: YouTube
    • Actors: Vic Reeves, Natasia Demetriou