The Best True Crime Reality Series

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Most reality television shows depict people living lavishly and acting out of control. However, there are other kinds of reality shows that aim to educate the public about some of the most dangerous criminals in American history. The best true crime reality series on TV succeed in capturing the audience's attention to the point where they will tune in weekly to see what crime will be solved next. The content may be graphic depending on what type of show you are watching, but that only makes for some ideal - if dark - binge-watching material.

One of the most captivating true crime reality shows to air on Netflix was Murder Mountain. The show goes into detail about multiple disappearances and tragedies that occurred around Humboldt County in California. Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice aired on Oxygen and followed the deaths of six men who all seemingly drowned. Both these shows dive into the darkest aspects of humanity. They are not for the faint of heart. 

What do you think the best true crime reality television shows are? In this day and age, you have plenty of options. This list dives into shows currently on the air and ones that ended a while ago. Vote for the shows you couldn't turn away from and add any unscripted shows following true crimes that we missed.

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