The Best New Reality TV Shows Of 2020

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List RulesVote up the best reality television shows that premiered their first season in 2020.

UPDATED: Check out the Best New Reality Series in 2021!

This list of reality series features only the best new shows of 2020, which are some of the best current reality shows on now - and it's up to you to decide which are truly best reality shows of 2020.

Competitive series are a large part of new reality television in 2020. Whether you want to watch the creative skill of LEGO Masters or learn who’s the Top Dog, reality shows deliver. If talent competitions aren't your thing, the new E! reality sitcom Meet The Frasers offers a new family to follow over a season in 2020.

Check out the rest of the 2020 reality shows below and cast your vote up or down for each to help decide what shows were the bigger hits.