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The Best New Reality Shows Of 2021

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Unscripted shows let us watch strangers live their lives, show off their talents, inject some drama into our day, and even learn things - the best reality shows of 2021 are all that and more. Whether you just want to watch some dramatic home renovations, or you’re here to see people compete for prizes, the new reality TV series premiering in 2021 are your perfect escape from reality.

If what you need is to see some nonsense of the highest caliber, then the reality competition series Go-Big Show is made for you. With monster trucks, archery, and double-dog dare levels of showing off, the contestants aren’t just here to impress the judges – they’re going to impress you. For those less bombastic, the educational reality shows Six Degrees With Mike Rowe offers fascinating historical connections with a reality-docuseries style.

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