The Best Disney Songs Of The Past Decade

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Vote up the most memorable songs from your favorite Disney movies since 2013.

The creative geniuses behind Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios' film scores and soundtracks are known for composing some of the greatest musical masterpieces of all-time; and the last ten years in particular contain many timeless songs from their blockbusters movies.

From the Billboard number one mega-hit Encanto single "We Don't Talk About Bruno" to Frozen's Oscar and Grammy Award-winning "Let It Go" and its sequel's showstopper "Into the Unknown," both sung by Broadway legend Idina Menzel, we've included all of your favorite Disney original songs from the past decade below. 

If you're still wondering, "where can I find a list of the best recent Disney songs?" or "which Disney original singles since 2013 are the greatest of all time?" then look no further! Vote up your favorite animated and live-action Disney musical releases from the last ten years, and vote down the ones that don't hold a candle to Disney's golden eras.

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  • How Far I'll Go

    How Far I'll Go

    38 votes

    Moana (2016)

  • Let It Go

    Let It Go

    38 votes

    Frozen (2013)

  • Into the Unknown

    Into the Unknown

    32 votes

    Frozen II (2019)

  • We Don't Talk About Bruno

    We Don't Talk About Bruno

    45 votes

    Encanto (2021)

  • Love is An Open Door

    Love is An Open Door

    20 votes

    Frozen (2013)

  • You're Welcome

    You're Welcome

    35 votes

    Moana (2016)