The Best Fan Recreations of Comic Book Covers

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Comic book covers are hugely influential pieces of art. They draw the reader in and they (should) present everything the reader needs to know about the book's contents without giving too much away. Most importantly they are memorable. With variant covers included, hundreds of comic covers come out each and every month and for each comic book cover, there's a fan art recreation.

Some comic book covers obviously stand out more than others. Sometimes a cover is so important to the reader they decide to put their own twist on it by recreating the art. Be it another illustration of the cover, getting a tattoo version of it, building it out of Legos, or even dressing as the characters involved and physically recreating the cover, these fans have made 2D comic book art real. These are the comic fans who went above and beyond making the coolest fan recreations of classic comic covers. 

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Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License