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Red Dirt country is an is a subset of country music that developed by combining traditional roots sounds with more outlaw-style lyrics. It is also sometimes referred to as Texas country music, but this specific sub set developed in Stillwater, OK by musicians like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Red Dirt country is all about rebelling against the mainstream Nashville style that was popular during the 60s and 70s. Typically, it involves an acoustic guitar and a folksy/ Americana Okie sound. It's also closely associated with Texas country and outlaw music

These are songs from top Red Dirt country artists, such as Eli Young Band and Cross Canadian Ragweed. 
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Somewhere Down in Texas Jason Boland & The Stragglers' song about the comforts of the lonestar state.

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17 Cross Canadian Ragweed's song about life spent running from the law and missing and old love.

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The Road Goes On Forever Robert Earl Keen's song is a song that retraces his career through his perspecive.

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Alabama Cross Canadian Ragweed's song about missing a lover so badly.

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Kiss Me in the Dark A song about loving someone wholly for one night.

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Wear My Ring Song about a broken heart and broken relationship.

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Wicked Twisted Road Song about the harsh realities of life and our wayward tendencies.

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Carry On A song about life's troubles and just pushing on through.

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Feeling Good Again Robert Earl Keen's song about hanging out and having good times in your favotire bar.

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kamysdad added July In Cheyenne (Song For Lane's Momma) Aaron Watson

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kamysdad added My Feet Don't Touch The Ground Brandon Jenkins

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Hard Man to Love A song about a cheating man and the woman that puts up with it.

The Best Country Songs for Weddings

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Wave On Wave Pat Green's song about redemption

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Take Me Out to the Dance Hall A song about letting loose, having fin, and going dancing.

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Vancouver A song about wayward traveling and a busted relationship.

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Texas Angel Hoeybrowne's song about the difficulties of letting go of a loved one.

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kamysdad added Snake Farm

The Worst Bands of All Time

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Choctaw Bingo Popular James McMurtry song that also appears in the film Beer for my Horses.

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Texas Moon A song about being on the road with the band for a long time.

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Tonight's Not the Night Randy Rogers Band's song about getting a relationship started

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God Bless This Town 'Wade Bowen's song about returning to a small town and small town life

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1475453821028 added Before the Devil Knows We're Dead Turnpike Troubadours - Turnpike troubadours, all there songs are great but I had to pick one

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kamysdad added Crazy Girl

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Don't Touch My Willie A song about a woman trying to take advantage of a man

The Best Fast Country Songs

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Bottle by My Bed Song about a lonesome life that's fallen apart and the drinking that all away

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Small Town Kid A song about liking the simple things in life and the honky tonk

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Beer Bait and Ammo The Kevin Fowler Texas anthem is about good old Texas past times.

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100 Percent Texan A song about loving everything about Texas abosultely.

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Down the Road Tonight Hayes Carll's song about all the characters you find roaming throughout the south.

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Nashville Blues Cory Morrow's song about being locked up in prison and country songwriting

The Top 500 Musical Groups/Artists of All Time

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Even If If Breaks Your Heart Song about wishing from a young age to become a musician, even if it breaks your heart.

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Off the Record A song about the difficulties of divorce

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kamysdad added River Song

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If These Old Walls Could Talk A song about the secrets we keep and the bad deeds we do.

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kamysdad added Fuzzy

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Lonely Lubbock Lights A song about driving to get back the girl you love.

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Biloxi Jack Ingram's song about being left behind for the goodtimes in Biloxi

The Best Country Songs About Women

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kamysdad added Perfect Girl

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Freeze Frame Time A song about wanting to stop and cherish those special moments in life.

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kamysdad added Fence Post

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Temporary Angel A song about finding someone for a quick fix in between those loving relationships.

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beatpharm added Bluebird Wine Stoney LaRue

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