The Very Best Reggae Songs

This roundup of good reggae songs includes some of the most memorable tunes ever performed by the world’s best reggae musicians. Without question, reggae music is universally popular. What began in Jamaica in the 1960s exploded worldwide and today, these famous reggae songs are played over and over in clubs all across the globe.

Reggae music takes many forms. Some of the top reggae songs are powerfully political in nature, inspiring listeners to rise up and be liberated. Others speak of universal harmony and love. But all reggae sounds feature a distinctive rhythm. In fact, the term “reggae” comes from “ragged,” reflecting the displaced beats which give it such a unique sound. There is absolutely no music in the world “like reggae.” Even hit reggae songs are unique.

When it comes to reggae, one musician stands alone as the most influential in the genre: Bob Marley. You’ll find plenty of Marley’s soulful melodies on this reggae songs list. It would be impossible not to include several of them. Several Marley’s (including Ziggy and Damien) are listed here as well. Other artists represented on this top reggae songs list include Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Toots & the Maytals, and Gregory Isaacs.

These are just some of the most popular reggae songs. Which one deserves the top spot? You decide, with your votes.

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